ManipalCigna Super Top Up Policy 


Enhance Your Health Cover with Pocket Friendly Plans

ManipalCigna Super Top Up is a specially designed health insurance plan that ensures that your health always has adequate cover, even with health care costs on the rise, and your family needs constantly evolving. It is time to do a little more for your health.

What is ManipalCigna Super Top Up?

ManipalCigna Super Top Up allows customers to supplement their existing  medical insurance cover provided by their company or personal medical coverage like a health insurance policy or health savings, at an affordable premium.

Designed to provide additional coverage to bridge the gap created by changing family health needs and increasing medical costs, ManipalCigna Super Top Up takes over right where your  current plan’s benefits end or personal funds exhausts. 


With ManipalCigna Super Top Up there is no capping on the type of room that we will cover. On hospitalization, medical expenses will be covered up to the insured amount over and above the deductible limit with no capping on room rent.


Once the cover for ManipaCigna Super Top Up kicks in, we will cover medical expenses that would have incurred 60 days before hospitalization and up to 90 days post hospital discharge.



There might be a chance that in the future you might not be able to pay the deductible amount. This might be for multiple reasons like retirement or changing jobs or simply using your savings for another personal goal. In that case, don’t worry. With the Guaranteed Continuity on Deductible benefit you can buy a separate ManipalCIgna ProHealth Protect or equivalent plan (available with us) from the 5th policy year onwards.  You will get guaranteed continuity on waiting periods with no fresh risk assessment for Sum Insured upto the deductible limit.

NB: This benefit is available only for people aged 54 years or below and needs to be opted for at the time of policy purchase.



Stay ahead of medical inflation with Guaranteed Bonus that increases your insurance cover amount by 5% every year irrespective whether you make a claim or not . You can accumulate maximum upto 50% of Sum Insured opted.

4 Reasons Why This Is  The Plan You Need For That Extra Care  



Get all the details of our plan, from extra coverage to additional Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus. Lets get cracking


As life goes on, the amount of health cover to adequately protect your family and your finances keeps changing. This could be due to changing family needs or just medical inflation. ManipalCigna Super Top Up ensures that your health cover is always adequate by  providing  financial protection in addition to your existing plans for covering hospitalization costs. 

All hospitalization related expenses are covered including treatment costs, medical tests, drugs, accommodation charges, pre and post medical charges, ambulance expenses, donor expenses and more.  

Our Key Features at a glance

In-patient hospitalization
We will cover hospital accommodation expenses with no limit on room rent, charges for stay in Intensive Care Unit, related hospitalization expenses such as surgeon’s fees, nursing, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, and consumables up to the sum insured.

You may incur some expenses before you are hospitalized, like doctor’s fees, pharmacy-related expenses, or diagnostic tests. All such costs will be covered by us for up to 60 days before your hospitalization.

Post hospitalization
After you get home from the hospital, there are still many expenses to be taken care of, like consultation fees, diagnostic tests, pharmacy-related costs among other things. We will cover such expenses related to your hospitalization up to 90 days after your discharge.

Inpatient hospitalisation for AYUSH Cover
We will cover in-patient medical expenses up to the limit of Sum Insured towards non-allopathic treatments such as Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy for hospitalization arising due to accident or illness undertaken in a government hospital or government recognised institute.

Day care treatment
You might need to be hospitalized for less than 24 hours for certain procedures like dialysis, radiation therapy, cataract surgery among others. We will cover the cost of such procedures up to the sum insured.

Non – medical expenses Cover
Covers Your Non-Medical items expenses incurred during hospitalization arising out of disease/illness or 
 injury. This cover is available subject to claim being admissible under the Inpatient hospitalization and or Day Care Treatment under ManipalCigna Super Top up Policy.
List of Non-payable items listed under Annexure III of policy terms & condition.


Ambulance cover
We understand the need for emergency ambulance service; should you need immediate assistance, we will cover the ambulance expenses (as per actuals) every time you get hospitalized.

Donor expenses
For situations like an organ transplant, the medical expenses incurred for the in-patient hospitalization of the donor is also covered up to the sum insured.

Reduction in Pre-existing diseases waiting period
We will reduce the waiting period for PED from 48 months to 24 months from the date of inception of first Policy with us under this benefit. 

Critical illness add-on
Persons between 18 to 65 years can opt for Critical Illness cover as add-on benefit. We will give a lump sum amount upto base Sum Insured in case of first diagnosis of the covered critical illnesses. In case of a family floater policy, once a claim has been paid for a critical illness under this benefit we will provide for 100% reinstatement of Sum Insured once during the lifetime of the policy for the other person covered.



Get all the details of our plan, from extra coverage to additional Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus.
 Lets get cracking 



10% discount on the premium amount on enrolling 2 and more family members under a single individual policy.


7.5% for selecting 2 years and 10% for selecting 3 years single premium policy.


3% discount on the premium from next renewal if the premium is received through NACH (National Automated Clearing House) or standing instruction (where payment is made either by direct debit of bank account or credit card)


We provide an option to select a deductible of Rs. 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 7.5 and 10 lakhs. The deductible amount will apply on the sum of all admissible claims in that policy year. This means that of your claims (should any be arising), you choose to pay the deductible amount either out of your own pocket or with the aid of an existing health insurance policy. This benefit helps to Top Up your existing health cover at an affordable premium.


Ever increasing cost of medical treatment will no longer be a reason to worry with guaranteed bonus. We increase the sum insured by 5% for each year up to a maximum of 50% (irrespective of claims). For example, if you have coverage of Rs. 10 Lakhs, an additional Sum Insured of Rs. 50,000 will be allowed as Cumulative Bonus every year, maximum upto 50%. 


In addition to health protection, you can also claim tax deduction u/s 80D as per IT Act 1961 for premium paid towards this policy. For premiums paid in cash, tax benefit u/s 80D shall not be applicable. Please consult your tax advisor for more details. 



Our Super Top-up plan is a cost-effective solution that provides an additional insurance coverage ranging from Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 30 lacs, when your regular health plan falls short. All hospitalization expenses such as treatment costs, diagnostics, drugs, and accommodation charges are covered including pre and post hospitalization expenses for a specified number of days.

Our Super Top Up health insurance plan enhances total health coverage on cost-sharing basis. Under this, the policyholder gets the benefit of high deductible, wherein all the medical bills for the year are considered. In case, sum of all bills is above the threshold limit, one can claim for the amount above the threshold limit.

This plan provides affordable value for money health protection to consider, if one is covered under a regular health plan or a group health insurance plan.It comes with the unique feature wherein you can buy from us a separate health plan with Sum Insured upto the deductible limit after a certain period of time with guaranteed continuity on waiting period and no fresh risk assessment



Sum Insured Options                                      Deductible Options
Rs. 3 lacs, 6 las                                                Rs. 3 lacs, 3.5 lacs 
Rs. 4 lacs, 8 lacs                                              Rs. 4 lacs, 4.5 lacs
Rs. 5 lacs, 10 lacs, 15 lacs, 20 lacs                   Rs. 5 lacs, 5.5 lacks 
Rs. 10 lacs, 15 lacs, 20 lacs                              Rs. 7.5 lacs
Rs. 10 lacs, 20 lacs, 30 lacs                             Rs. 10 lacs 

(Exclusive plan available for Employer Employee segment. Connect with XXXXXXXXXX for more details.)

Policy Period
One can choose between 1 year, 2 years and 3 years term.

Premium payment frequency
Premium can be paid on Single, Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly basis.
Premium payment frequency can only be selected at the inception of the policy or at the renewal of the policy. 



A loading will be applied on the premium for Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Payment mode.



Entry Age & Renewal
The minimum entry age is 91 days for children and 18 years for adults. There is no maximum entry age limit for adults. Children will be covered upto 23 years in a family floater policy.
For Critical Illness add-on, the minimum entry age is 18 years and maximum is 65 years. Coverage will not apply to persons between the age group of 18 to 23 years who are covered as "Child". The plan provides lifetime renewal opportunity.

Relationships Covered
Individual plan can be bought for self, lawfully wedded spouse, children, parents, siblings, parent in laws, grandparents and grandchildren, son in-law and daughter in-law, uncle, aunty, nephew & niece.

A floater plan can cover self, lawfully wedded spouse, dependent children up to the age of 23 years or dependant parents. A floater cover can cover a maximum of 2 adults and 3 dependent children under a single policy.

Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period
Pre-existing diseases will be covered after 48 months of continuous coverage under this plan. 

Free Look Period
We know your need to try something before you trust it. A period of 15 days from the receipt of the policy document is available to review the terms and conditions of this policy and a period of 30 days in case of electronic policies obtained through distance mode, to review the terms and conditions of the policy and to return the same if not acceptable. You can choose to cancel the policy by stating the reason for cancellation. If there are no claims in the policy, we will refund the premium paid.

Grace Period
There is a grace period of 30 days for renewal of a quarterly, half yearly, annual and single premium policy from the date of expiry.

Revival Period
There is a grace period of 15 days for renewal of a monthly premium policy from the date of expiry.



You can port your existing health insurance policy to the ProHealth Insurance policy, provided you are covered under an Indian Health Retail policy from a non- life insurance company.

You can place a request for cancellation any time during the term of the policy; premium refund will be on short period basis.

Alignment of Policy
You will have an option to align the date of renewal of Super Top up policy with your existing Indemnity Health Insurance policy with Us or any other insurer in India. The option will be available in the first policy year only. Cancellation of the Super Top Up policy in order to align it with the base policy will be processed on request from the Policyholder and irrespective of
claim. Premium shall be refunded on pro-rata basis for the balance Policy Period. The policy, with aligned date, will be issued subject to payment of premium applicable for Age of Insured Person as on alignment effective date. Continuity with respect to Cumulative bonus and Waiting periods shall be passed on to the policy issued, post alignment.

First 30 days Waiting Period
A waiting period of 30 days from the Inception Date of the Policy will be applicable for all hospitalization claims except in case of accidents and policies accepted under portability norms.

First 90 days Waiting Period & survival period (applicable only to CI add-on)
From the policy inception date, there will be a waiting period of 90 days before the symptoms of any critical illness first occur for you to be able to make a claim. A 30 days survival period will also apply.

2 Years Waiting Period
Two Years Waiting Period will be applicable for specific illnesses.

Key Exclusions
We will not pay any claims arising out of or attributable to any of the following:

  • Any illness resulting from the Insured committing any breach of law.

  • Contamination from Nuclear fuel or radiation

  • Foreign invasion or civil war

  • Suicide or drug abuse

The above list is only indicative and not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions (available in Downloads section) for complete details.

What is health insurance?

Insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured person during the treatment of a disease or injury. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly.


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