Youth Empowerment: The way forward

India, land of opportunities is home to the youngest employable people in the world. With over 605 million people below the age of 25 , we are poised grow into a powerful nation in the years to come. For India, to unleash its true potential we must focus on empowering our youth with a powerful ecosystem. To begin with:

Invest in Health: As a nation, we are collectively responsible for a healthy country. We must focus on health in a holistic way. The right quality of food filled with nutrients and good health. Are we preparing our youth for mental agility and physical fitness through sports? It’s now time we look at health with a different perspective.

Stress-Free Youth: Our recent ManipalCigna Well-being study revealed that 62 % of employees in India displayed some kind of physical stress. Sure, as India’s GDP grows higher, work pressure increases as well but why stress? Let’s focus on creating a strong base of working young Indians in a stress environment. Use technology effectively; create a professional environment to seamlessly blend work-life and personal life. We can then actually aspire to have the ‘youngest employable people’ in the world.

Financial strength: Indians are known to save and we need to carry this trend forward. Choosing the right investment tool, risk-adjusted products; health insurance plans for unforeseen circumstances, tax savings options should be part of the academic curriculum which should have a practical and real life impact. It’s only then that we can we can ensure a nation of productive and financially secure young Indians.

A youth with a distinct cultural identity: India is proud to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The youth of tomorrow should reflect our culture, language, heritage and more. The young ones should be proud to display their cultural identity and not allow it to be diluted in this era of globalization. India needs more of icons like Anant Pai of Amar Chitra Katha and Virghese Kurein of Amul to bring India‘s cultural distinctiveness to the world.

We as a nation can give the best to our youth and with time India will shine but we must not forget to instill them with integrity and honesty. Our country in its pursuit of progress must not forget to pursue happiness, which is the oldest formula to a successful nation.

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