Workplace Wellness- Are You "Healthy" At Work?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The professional working class population in India is giving all they have to pursue their ambitions. Right from working long hours to battling deadlines and managing homes, the Indian white-collar workforce is clearly living an overburdened lifestyle. Putting this notion to test, we at ManipalCigna conducted a 360° well-being survey online and it presented us with some interesting figures and findings.

With all the participants above 25 years of age, India scored an average of 72.8%. The assessment was concluded by analyzing India’s overall well-being on the basis of the following five dimensions: physical, social, family, financial, work.

The work dimension of the survey had some interesting insights to offer. The working individuals claim to have a substantial workload besides having a comfortable relationship with their superiors and co-workers. Other concerns affecting working professionals were career growth & work-life balance. This made us think about the importance of comprehensive wellness at work. Average Indian works for about 40 hours a week that means he/she spends a considerable amount of time in the workplace, making workplace wellness an important subject of study.

With respect to health coverage gap under workplace wellness, there seems to be a discrepancy between employees’ needs and the work health coverage offered. Also, it was seen that an average of 21% employees are not getting the necessary health checkups done. With very few seeking professional help when ill, many Indian respondents resort to paying doctor consultation fees out of their own pockets.

India might see workplace wellness programs as less important than other factors for staff acquisition, but it takes a center stage when the subject is staff retention. 39% of Indian respondents find workplace wellness programs hold extreme importance in an organization, and 48% feel the wellness programs play a crucial role when deciding whether to leave the existing company for a new employer. This statistic has been especially true in the younger respondents between the age group of 25-29. 87% find workplace wellness programs as essentially important while 84% weigh it as a notable factor when deciding whether to leave the existing company for a new employer.

While deciding between two potential employers, workplace wellness programs run close to other factors like development &  relationship with colleagues. Even though 36% of respondents still find pay & benefits stand first while deciding a new job, 12% consider workplace wellness programs while making the vital decision.

Workplace wellness programs have slowly begun to make their way towards becoming one of the best practices to implement in an organization; not just because it offers holistic growth for an employee but also grants workplace satisfaction that has often missed its spot in a corporate circle.


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