Workplace Health in India: An Overview

An average Indian works for about 40 hours a week with 20 days of paid leave and about 88% of them rate their workplace health as being good to excellent.

Basic Needs

Indian professionals have simple needs. They seek job stability, and they are satisfied in this regard. Reasonable workload to maintain work-life balance is also a factor and majority pull off the load comfortably.

Happy Employees

The percentage of employees satisfied with their job vary from industry to industry. While 73% of Pharmaceutical employees are happy with their jobs, only 39% of those in retail sector are content. Good working relationship with co-workers and supervisors is a criteria for job-satisfaction, and 90% of employees in Pharmaceutical services claim to have that. But only about 50% of those in government sector, banking and IT industry are happy. What Employers Offer, what Employees? want

There are a few major gaps between what employees want as benefits and what their companies actually offer. Employees want their companies to cover hospitalization benefits, optician expenses, health check-up facility, diagnostic tests, etc. These are the top 5 employee expectations, which are not met by all the organizations.

While some employers do provide some of these benefits, employees believe that a few more enhanced benefits – such as dental treatment and physiotherapy –should be included in the package. Study reveals that including these benefits can improve the productivity of the employees.

Disparity within Organization

The junior-level employees feel this gap, even more, strongly than their seniors. Moreover, about 80% of the employees in the senior order feel that they have work-life balance, but 62% of junior-level employees make similar claims.

Building Stress

As India continues to grow economically, early signs of stress starts appearing throughout the country. 63% of those who work for more than 50 hours a week experience initial levels of stress. Over half of Indian professionals, i.e. 62%, exhibit some symptoms of stress. The symptoms include difficulty sleeping at night.

Those working in the IT industry report less stress than those in industries like manufacturing and retail. While 70% of IT sector employees and 64% of manufacturing sector employees feel little work-related stress, only 51% in retail claim their job to be less stressful .

And, Indian women seem to be more stressed than men.

Women Workforce

Work stresses out women in their 20’s, whereas the financial responsibility of raising kids stress out those in their 30’s. What Women Want?

Even though 73% of female employees want a maternity education program as a workplace wellness benefit, only 28% claim to have that benefit provided by their employers. By covering maternal and new-born benefits, employers are likely to be seen as an appealing place to work.

In conclusion it can be said that providing transportation facilities and healthy snacks at office, and planning a family outing would certainly give a boost to the morale of the employees.


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