Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Many of you would think that health insurance is only a necessity when you are ill or facing some serious health problems. However, in today’s day and age, health insurance is a sort of security and is needed at every stage of life.

But, first let us understand what follows if you don’t have a health insurance plan:

● You remain unprotected from the financial and medical emergencies

● You face the downside of not enjoying essential health benefits critical in procuring treatment or maintaining a healthy life

● You end up paying more for medical expenses, hospitalization & treatment

● You don’t get the benefit of tax redemption under section 80D

● You don’t get to enjoy free preventive care like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups

Moreover, with medical inflation hitting the roof, and in our society joint families giving way to nuclear families, we are basically on our own to face an uncertainties of life. Even for relatively simple diseases, hospitalization is inevitable. This is where health insurance plays a vital role. A small premium every month in a health insurance policy would save a fortune when medical emergency strikes. Hence, instead of burning a hole in your pocket, it is best to opt for a health insurance plan that does not just offer financial aid when needed but also puts you in the network of best hospitals in your reach.

If you are still not convinced on the indisputable need to get health insurance, let us clear your doubts and help you understand why it is important to get insured with adequate health insurance and save unplanned expenses, even if you are in your early years and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s are 3 reasons why ‘HEALTH INSURANCE ZAROORI HAI’?

Lifetime access to quality healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is important to eliminate the disparity in services and increase the chance of quality life. Health insurance plans help in bridging the gap and providing the best care at all times. You can renew health plans for as long as you are alive without any maximum renewal age. This is helpful, especially after you retire. In your old age, your income is low and the probability of medical contingencies is high. If you have a health plan, any medical contingency you face at any stage would be covered by your health plan thereby sparing your savings when emergency strikes.

Safeguarding your long-term financial goals

Health Insurance is a wealth protector and can help you in safeguarding your long-term financial goals. What is the point in creating all those investments if you do not have a health plan to protect them from being depleted? A health insurance plan is designed to take care of the increasing medical expenses, because you don’t have sufficient funds in your saving account to pay the hospital bills, then you need to either break your bank FDs or get a loan against gold, ore borrow money from friends and relatives. How many time will you continue to make such adjustments? Therefore, your decision to invest a small premium every month in a health insurance policy now will secure your family’s future today and tomorrow.

Helping you live a healthier life

Other than offering financial aid in case of accidental uncertainties and medical emergencies, health insurance also offers you the advantage of preventive services at no additional cost. Some health insurance plans even offer free visits to nutritionists, as well as value added wellness programs like reimbursement for gym fees and other countless fitness programs. The services are dependent on the plan you choose to opt for. Health insurance plans also cover regular health checkups, screening, test, immunization, and other preventive checks that protect you from developing any serious condition in future. Additionally, many health insurance plans offer wellness programs that guide you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the use of wearable devices and health apps which allows you to monitor your health on a day-to-day basis that can further act as an added advantage in reducing your insurance premium.

We understand as a society we don’t believe in spending for a future benefit and health insurance may not be an exciting thing to shop. But even if you don’t go to doctors that often, sometimes in routine life something unusual can happen with anybody. We may get injured or sudden critical illness or accidents can occur, that can cost lakhs of rupees, so it is best to be prepared. Life is a precious gift, and healthcare can get pretty expensive, so if the future of a child, spouse, a life partner or a parent depends on you and your income toh phir ‘HEALTH INSURANCE ZAROORI HAI’ because health is wealth and unfortunately it holds true when you fall ill as well.

So let’s journey together towards good health!

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