What is the Employer Health Insurance & Is It Enough?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

When looking for a new job these days, candidates look at more than just the salary – they consider aspects such as work culture and growth opportunities as well as perks such as employer health insurance.

Employer health insurance, also known as group health insurance or group coverage, is a health insurance plan that is taken by a company for its employees and their dependents. While there has been much debate when it comes to employer health insurance vs individual health insurance, not many people are aware of all the facts about employer health insurance and why employer health insurance plans are highly recommended.

When individuals choose a health insurance plan for themselves and their family, they do not have the leverage to negotiate the details or the commercials of the plan with the insurance provider. Since a company signs up for employer health insurance for all its employees, both current and potential ones, the company has a significant amount of bargaining power to get the best deal from the insurance provider. Also, when it comes to accountability, an employer health insurance plan is always more reliable as compared to individual health insurance plans.

The concept of employer health insurance entails putting the onus of providing insurance to all employees, irrespective of their salary, department or rank, on the employer. While there is a minimum contribution required by the employee for the employer health insurance plan and the employee needs to provide all details of themselves and their dependents to the company’s Human Resources department and the insurance firm, the employee is supported through all stages, right from registration to claim, if the need arises.

While it’s important to understand the intricacies of employer health insurance vs individual health insurance, once you’ve understood how beneficial employer health insurance is, it’s important to sift through all the employer health insurance plans available in the market to choose the right one.

An employer health insurance plan such as ManipalCigna’s Lifestyle Protection Group Policy provides the company with the flexibility and the freedom to design a customised plan as per the needs of their employees. Covering 36 critical illnesses and major surgical procedures, the plan offers both fixed and indemnity pay-out options.

Why take on the hassle of individual health insurance when you have all the benefits of employer health insurance available! Yes, employer health insurance is enough if the employer health insurance plan taken is designed correctly to cover foreseeable and unforeseeable scenarios.


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