Wellbeing Survey: India Social Status

Cigna recently conducted 360o Well-being Survey, and it brought to the fore certain interesting findings. Eleven countries participated in this quantitative online survey and the respondents were all above 25 years of age. India scored 72.8% on an average that’s considerably better than the regional sector’s score of 65.3%. The assessment presents a comprehensive overview of India’s over all well-being, by analyzing five dimensions namely –

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Family

  • Financial

  • Work

Physical Well-being:

Among the parameters provided, overall well-being in the sphere of physical wellness is essential. Some of the vital attributes in this sphere include adequate sleep at night and maintaining a balanced diet. Quality of sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly are also important.

Key Finding:

The survey reveals that well-being is mostly perceived as Physical. With a score of 56%, Physical well-being stands ahead of all the other parameters.

Social Well–being:

The aspect of Social well-being covers various segments, where the priority is time-management. The prevalent norm among the participants is to spend sufficient time with their friends. Spending reasonable time on their gadgets like smartphones, tablets and talking to their friends are other prominent practices.

Key Finding:

According to the survey, Indians spend approximately 40 hours per week online. It also shows that almost 31% of Indians cannot live without their smartphones.

Family’s Welfare:

A healthy and happy family is of prime importance to Indians. On a brighter note, it’s observed that spending quality time with family, ensuring better ties with parents and children are of utmost priority. Providing quality education to their kids is also important. However, securing the financial needs of their family fails to gain more significance.

Key Finding:

The survey concludes that in India, almost 89% find it imperative to take good care of their parent’s health and well-being. But, only 70% are successful in this area.

Financial Needs:

Indians in general care more about their current financial condition. Saving adequate amount for retirement, and ensuring financial security in case of unemployment are certain critical factors that concern an ordinary Indian. Maintaining a comfortable standard of living is also important but, saving enough for their children’s education ranks low.

Key Finding:

The survey states that 65% of Indians paid their medical bills out of their own pocket. In future, they will continue to do the same. Furthermore, only 26% of them are equipped with private insurance post retirement.

Work Sector:

Working individuals claim to have a reasonable workload besides having a comfortable and healthy relationship with their superiors and co-workers. Other essential concerns plaguing professionals are career growth and work-life balance.

Key Finding:

The survey projects that an average Indian works for about 40 hours a week with around 20 days of paid leave. It also highlights that certain enhanced benefits like dental care and physiotherapy could lead to greater productivity.

In conclusion we can say, Indians give most emphasis on physical health & well-being, followed by family. As the importance of financial, social and work health are yet to be cultivated among Indians, there is a need to raise awareness on the same.


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