Understanding Health Insurance Eligibility

The urban lifestyle is majorly characterized by irregular sleeping patterns and unwise eating habits. Such a sedentary mode of living has made us prone to frequent illnesses. The purchase of well-rounded medical insurance can cover us against repetitive visits to the hospital. An individual health insurance policy is a necessity owing to the surge in healthcare costs. With the payment of premium in installments, one can steer clear of any fiscal burden. Thus, an individual health insurance policy can secure us against financial worries and medical woes.

Certain tests and conditions must be fulfilled to pass the health insurance eligibility criteria. Before enrolling for any policy, one has to know what is eligibility for health insurance. In order to understand what is health insurance eligibility, let us go over the list of criteria.


• Age: The age limit for becoming a policyholder range from 18-65. Children can gain health insurance eligibility from being 90 days old to 18 years of age. Depending on the type of policy, there are also plans for senior citizens above 65. With the increasing demand for health insurance, several custom-tailored plans have come up. Thus, one can choose between individual and group health plans.

• Medical tests: In order to cater to our healthcare needs in a better way, the insurance company calls for a round of medical exams. The various diagnostic tests on urine, blood and major functional organs give them an idea about the possible health risks. According to the medical report, the insurer can certify a plan to the customer that gives optimum coverage. Completing these rounds of medical tests is an essential health insurance eligibility criterion. On the other hand, there are many policies that do not require any medical tests. If the insured is aged 45 or less, he need not undergo medical procedures to qualify. Such cases require the person to submit a declaration about their good health. Many insurance companies even offer extra incentives and benefits to such healthy individuals. Various factors govern the answer to the question- what is eligibility for health insurance?

• Scanning pre-existing conditions for health insurance eligibility : Most of the health insurances do not cover for pre-existing medical conditions. So when one does not undergo the round of medical exams, they must disclose their pre-existing conditions. This is mandatory as it enables the insurance company to serve you better. The insurer must have a definite knowledge of any physiological problem one may have. Also, when someone opts for higher medical coverage, they need to undergo extra tests. A proper medical screening at the time of enrollment makes claim settlement easier in future.

The objective of an individual health insurance policy is to guard us against unexpected health risks. Fluctuating health conditions and medical inflation's have paved the way for several insurance plans. Thus, one should invest sufficient time and think over selecting an individual health insurance policy. It is better to start early as young people are likely to secure an insurance policy faster. Moreover, the earlier one begins, the lower is the monthly premium charged. So, take charge of your present and prepare for your future.

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