Top 5 diet tips to follow during pregnancy

“Getting pregnant” can change a lot of elements in your life. That is because bringing a new life into your family is attached to mixed emotions, hope, changes for your family and yourself and a lot more. To keep up with these changes, and to ensure a healthy life for your baby, you need to keep yourself healthy.

The gush of progesterone, a hormone produced in pregnant women and the demand from your body to provide nutrients to your little one requires you to do things differently. I slew of other hormones would make you feel hungry more often, experience mood swings, tired and sleepy based on a different biological clock. Apart from this, your body would also be vulnerable to infections, allergies, and other physical conditions that you have not experienced before.

To cope with these new physical changes happening to your body, you would need to adopt a different diet altogether.

Here are top 5 diet tips to help you during your pregnancy:

1. Stay Hydrated: Drink enough water, but don’t hurt your kidneys. During pregnancy, women tend to visit the toilet more often than normal times. This is because they are ejected any waste. Most waste excretion happens in the fluid forms. Drinking water would allow nutrients to circulate better and eject waste efficiently. Apart from this, your body needs to support a new life within the body’s system and drinking water and other fluids would facilitate this successfully.

2. Keep up your frequency: Don’t worry about increasing weight. During pregnancy, increasing weight proportionately is a good sign of progress. Each trimester, you would experience incremental gains in your body weight. This has to be supported by intake of healthy food, a greater number of times during a day. As a thumb rule, many pregnant women check their small meals by the clock. They ensure that they eat on something healthy every two hours.

3. Vitamins & Minerals: Eating food in its natural state, is highly recommended during pregnancy. Natural foods over processed and cooked food perform better in providing the right amount of minerals and vitamins to your body. Omega and amino acids are some nutrients that are neglected. Vitamin D, a nutrient that is only available through sunlight is something that needs to receive in sufficient quantities.

4. Big 5 Nutrients: These are a must. Nutritionists and doctors refer to the Big-5 of nutrition during pregnancy which are five elements that you must include in your diet. Folate, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and Fibre are the five components you need to include in your daily diet. It helps your baby and you to have a natural and uninterrupted physical health. Fruits, milk products, Big-5 supplements, veggies, and juices would provide these necessary elements to your body.

5. Avoid Junk, Alcohol, and Smoking: Processed food and caffeine do not add any value to your physical health. They are comfort foods and should be avoided. Occasional consumption does not cause harm, but frequent consumption may harm the foetus. The placenta that protects your foetus from harmful chemicals may lose its protective layer with frequent exposure. Similarly, alcohol and tobacco products have severe harmful effects on the foetus.


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