Top 10 Healthy Eating Habits You Must Include in Your Diet Plan

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If your health consciousness has motivated you to plan a diet, you are already halfway there! However, dieting does not simply mean drastically cutting down on food intake or slashing the carbs and fats. In fact, an uninformed diet plan can land you in trouble instead of giving you the desired effect.

Here are ten healthy eating habits that will ensure that your diet gives you the benefits you need:

1. Avoid processed food: Although they’re easy to prepare, packaged and processed foods contain preservatives, food colour, and tend to have more salt, fat, and sugar. They lack substantial nutrients and are low in fibre content. Shift to fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, fruits and nuts, and lean meat to get the healthiest results.

2. Watch how you cook: Even if you choose healthy and fresh raw ingredients, the way you cook them also determines what nutrients go into your body. For instance, deep frying increases the number of calories, and excessive boiling will remove the nutrients from the vegetables. Instead, you can grill, stir fry, or steam vegetables and meat (according to whichever method is best suited).

3. Eat as required – not more, not less: Eating microscopic portions will not help you lose weight, at least in a healthy manner. On the other hand, gigantic portions of even healthy foods will only cause distress. Get a nutritionist’s advice on how much quantity of each nutrient or food you should consume each day, and don’t exceed the prescribed amount.

4. Buy only healthy ingredients: When you go shopping, stock up your fridge with healthy options so that you are not tempted to whip up a quick unhealthy snack, or resort to taking away in case you feel lazy. You will not want those tomatoes to rot, so you will have no option but to cook a healthy meal!

5. Allow yourself a cheat day: You don’t have to give up on all that brings joy. In fact, this will only make the craving worse and tempt you to abandon the diet plan for good. So, don’t be surprised that indulging yourself once a week (and strictly not more) is also one of the healthy eating tips!

6. Drink water: Yes, you have heard this before. Drinking water improves digestion, keeps the skin healthy, and detoxifies the body. It is also a source of minerals. However, you should not drink water during meals as it slows down digestion. Give it a thirty-minute window, before or after eating.

7. Never skip breakfast: Healthy eating facts everywhere tell you that breakfast should be a king-sized event, and it is true because it prepares the body for the day ahead. Have a wholesome, healthy, breakfast rich with proteins.

8. Chew well: Your teeth are also a part of your digestive system. Break down the food as much as possible so that your stomach has an easy time digesting it.

9. Focus on the food: This will help you keep track of how much you’re eating. Otherwise, carried away by television or WhatsApp, you may end up overeating.

10. Carry a protein-rich snack at all times: To avoid snacking between meals or resorting to high-fat food when on the move, nutty bars or protein bars, and fruits, can help keep hunger at bay.

It is advisable to take the guidance of a nutritionist, who can help you choose a diet plan that suits you. Boost your healthy living plans with health insurance policies that can keep you financially covered in the midst of a health crisis. Visit ManipalCigna’s website to find a plan that suits you.


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