Tips To Manage Stress -Stressfree Tips

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Hectic work schedules, escalating expenses, & increasing traffic, seem to only add to the stress in our lives. If you don’t manage stress, it can lead to depression, accelerate ageing, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

Here are 10 tips to manage stress:

  • Workout your stress Physical activity pumps up the levels of endorphins or the ‘feel good’ chemical in your body. Just running for 45 minutes, 3 days in a week can uplift your mood to a great extent.

  • Put your stress to rest Ensure a good night’s sleep daily for at least 7 hours. Otherwise, your tired and drowsy self can make you impatient and easily irritated by even the trivial matters.

  • Dark chocolate to be light-hearted Not only does dark chocolate make you happier but its anti-oxidants make you feel brighter or cleaner from within too. It also lowers your blood pressure, thus helping you to calm down.

  • Eat to beat stress Indulge in vitamin B rich foods like avocado, milk products, etc. Vitamin B is crucial to ensure a healthy nervous system so that your anxiety levels are controlled. Also, the potassium in these foods lowers BP levels and relaxes your muscles.

  • Stay hydrated to dehydrate stress Have at least 3 litres of water daily. Hydration helps your body to function smoothly without causing any physical strain or stress. Moreover, dehydration increases your cortisol levels – a hormone that induces stress.

  • Don’t be in a hurry Plan your work in such a manner that you are able to complete it comfortably and preferably before time. Doing your work or chores in the nick of time can make you work in a hurried manner or in a haste which only increases your blood pressure and stimulates stress.

  • Meditate Meditating helps you deliberately slow down your thoughts making you calmer. This not only helps you become more patient and tolerant but also facilitates your chances of getting a new perspective towards the situations that are causing you stress.

  • Decaffeinate to de-stress Reduce your caffeine intake by abstaining from coffee and energy drinks. Caffeine induces insomnia or sleeplessness. Moreover, it increases your heartbeat, BP and cortisol levels (indirectly) – all factors that amplify stress.

  • Quit Smoking Nicotine initially pumps up your serotonin levels – a chemical that affects your mood and attention. Eventually, serotonin gets so used to nicotine for its functioning that without tobacco serotonin levels get abnormal, thus inducing stress.

  • Read The easiest and fastest way to de-stress is to read a book. As per a study, just 6 minutes of reading can reduce almost 66% of your stress as it serves as a distraction.

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