The Selfie Mental Disorder Is Real: Here's What You Need to Know

There are photos, and then there are selfies. A selfie is a picture you take of yourself, either alone or with others. Yes, gone are the days when you posted and asked someone around you to take a picture. Until a few years ago, there wasn’t any such thing as a selfie, but today, there is concern about the rise of the ‘selfie mental disorder’!

Almost everyone has smartphones today, and these gadgets come loaded with not just the best quality front cameras, but also tons of applications to make your selfie look even better. Widespread use of technology and the rise in popularity of social media are the main contributing factors behind this addiction to selfies and the resultant selfie mental disorder.

Selfitis symptoms vary from case to case, depending on whether the addiction to selfies is borderline, acute or chronic. While the selfitis symptoms in a borderline case of selfie mental disorder are not very apparent, if a person’s addiction to selfies is chronic, you will definitely notice as they will constantly be whipping out their phone to take selfies, irrespective of the situation, and uploading the same on their social media handles.

While many people laugh at this addiction to selfies, there could be many darker issues lurking behind a person displaying selfitis symptoms. Studies have shown that a person suffering from selfie mental disorder could also be suffering from more serious health issues such as loneliness, narcissism, addiction tendencies, and this behaviour may be due to the person suffering from low self-esteem, extreme stress, personal difficulties, etc. If left untreated, it could lead to more sinister problems such as suicidal tendency, depression, substance abuse, etc.

The interesting part about this condition is that, if a person is not afflicted by a severe case of addiction to selfies, they may actually see a certain amount of positive impact on their mood and personality after taking a selfie. Taking a few pictures of oneself now and then is said to improve your mood and confidence level, and posting the same on social media or sharing it with friends does boost your popularity.

However, the downside is much higher and hence if you notice yourself or someone around you falling prey to the dreaded selfie mental disorder, make sure you point out the selfitis symptoms in time to avoid becoming the latest statistic in the growing trend of addiction to selfies.


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