Learn How to Reduce Stress in 5 Simple Steps

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Steps to Reduce strees

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a mere by-product of everything we do. Whether you’re a student, a homemaker, a jobholder, a parent, a leader – no matter what the role – you’re bound to come under stress at some point of your life. The anxieties of living in the modern world are not confined to a single external source of pressure; a lot of stress can be generated by the mind by simply being negative. If neglected for a long time, it may evolve into an anxiety disorder which further paves the way for physical sickness.

The unanswered question of how to reduce stress is yet another cause of distress. Rather than forcing yourself to stop worrying, here are five simple stress relief activities that you can follow to gradually ease the pressure off yourself.

1. Adopt a breathing exercise: Stress can cause your breathing to become heavy or make you breathless. Inhaling deeply can help you relieve stress quickly and calm you down enough to be able to think clearly.

2. Identify your triggers: Keeping in touch with your emotions is an important step that tells you what course of action to take. Try to step away from this trigger at least for a while. For instance, if you feel bogged down by a presentation due in a week, you can take a few minutes off to relax before you return to it. You need to find out ways to minimise your contact time with the trigger. It is also helpful to talk yourself through it, weigh the possible outcomes, and figure out solutions. Most of the time, you’ll realise, it is not even worth all the stress you’re taking. If it is not something with a deadline, such as an unpaid bill or a submission, but is a chronic worry, seeks help from a professional.

3. Do something you enjoy: When constantly battling with some activity that you do not enjoy, it causes more stress than you would normally expect. Distract yourself for a while with something you’d enjoy instead – such as listening to music, watching a funny video, taking a stroll in the park, etc.

4. Talk to a good friend: It always helps to get your worries off your chest. When you’re too stressed to help yourself, a fresh perspective from someone close to you can give you a boost of energy and positivity. You can even gather a few of your friends and spend a relaxed evening with them. If none of this is possible, you can simply write down what’s going on in your mind. This will surely help you take that burden off your shoulder.

5. Exercise. Eat. Sleep. Meditate: These do not provide a quick-fix solution to stress, but the surest answers for how to reduce stress are these long-term activities. Exercise, in fact, even functions as an immediate stress reliever – like a quick run, a stretch, a walk around your workplace, etc. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, a healthy sleep cycle, and activities that help you be mindful (such as yoga, meditation, etc.) are stress relief activities that are important in the long run.

Being healthy does not just mean being physically fit. The mind is equally – if not more – important since a tired mind can easily tire out a physically fit body. More importantly, it stops you from enjoying life, being happy, and staying calm. Not all stress triggers can be avoided, but you do not have to give in to the pressure either. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority – above your work, responsibilities, and expectations.

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