7 essential precautions to help you stay safe during rains

Who doesn’t love the feeling of refreshing water and the taste of hot pakodas at the stall by the road on a cool day? Most of us can’t wait to see the end of summer and welcome the long-awaited monsoon with open arms.

And in a hurry to get there, we often neglect the basic rain safety precautions that keep us from falling sick in this season.

Here are seven essential rain safety precautions that you can keep in mind to ensure that your health remains intact during all times:

  1. Boil or at least filter water before drinking it. Waterborne diseases are rampant during the rainy season and the best way to fight them is to prevent the germs from entering the body in the first place. Do drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet.

  2. Do not stay in an area where water has been stagnant for a while. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which are carriers of harmful disease-causing germs. If water has collected near the place you live, try draining it out or call municipal officials for help.

  3. An easy gateway for diseases to enter is street food. No matter how tempting is the aroma from the roadside pakoda stall, hold tight till you get home and fry yourself some safe, clean ones rather than eating unhygienic food.

  4. Before you plan to get wet in the rain remind yourself of the susceptibility to catching a cold. Now, if you do get wet, make sure that you dry yourself immediately and change into clean dry clothes.

  5. Watch your step and wear proper footwear. Rain safety precautions are not just about diseases and germs. Danger also lies in slippery, wet paths. Ensure that your footwear has a good grip and can carry you through the wet areas without leaving you with a sprained ankle.

  6. Drive carefully and slowly. Slippery roads can cause serious accidents and the rains leave the roads with more potholes than ever. Also, floodwater covers up open potholes which may result in fatal accidents, so avoid venturing into flooded areas whether on foot or on a vehicle.

  7. During power-cuts and thunderstorms, stay away from electrical appliances. Be careful with old, frayed or broken wires and take care to see that none of the electrical sockets and plugs get wet.

Even a little bit of negligence on your part may prevent you from enjoying the beautiful season altogether. With a little care and discipline, you can be fit and healthy enough to welcome the monsoons wholeheartedly.

Sometimes, even the best of plans may not work, but there is always help available. Even if you do fall sick during the rainy season and need immediate healthcare services, fear not, if you have taken a health insurance policy. Health insurance plans cover you for the sudden financial emergencies occurring during medical uncertainties.


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