Understanding Pre Existing Health Insurance

Medical treatments and hospitalization costs often take a toll on our monetary situation. Families often go bankrupt especially when there is a terminal patient amidst them. This is the primary reason behind the emergence of health insurance policies in today’s time. They provide coverage against future medical ailments. Further, there is a specific list of health insurance pre-existing conditions, which is provided for. A sound coverage for pre-existing ailments favours the insured member with respect to finances.

Pre-existing conditions are medical ailments; one is already suffering from when one applies for the policy. Earlier it was difficult to find a health insurance covering pre-existing condition. However, the laws with respect to health insurance and pre-existing conditions have changed in recent years. Previously, an individual had to submit their entire medical history. After the concerned insurer went through the entire record, they determined the insurance covering pre-existing conditions. An alternative way used by them was to charge extra sum on the annual premium. Following which, coverage was given by health insurance and pre-existing conditions were treated. In other words, the extra premium was charged for coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Alternatively, the insurer may place a moratorium on the pre-existing condition. By this we mean, a waiting period of a couple of years. During this waiting time, the insurer observes if the pre-existing conditions are recurring or not. In case there is hardly any recurrence, then the insurer agrees to give medical coverage. Thus, the tie-up of health insurance and pre-existing conditions coverage differs with various plans.

However, with the implementation of stringent laws, the scenario of health insurance and pre-existing conditions have altered. Nowadays health insurance companies cannot turn down any individual’s need. So, the market is now replete with insurance covering pre-existing conditions.

No extra premium can be charged for an insurance covering pre-existing condition. Health insurances can adjust premiums based on only a select few reasons. One of those criteria checks if you have an individual or family plan. The other one takes into account if you live in an area where medical costs are higher than regular ones. The other determining factor can be one’s age.

One may also want to take into consideration the following facts before hunting for a health insurance.

  • The drugs and medications that one opts in order to get help with the condition. Often the expense of these medications matters to the insurer who is going to cover for you. When they agree to pay for a pre-existing condition, they should be well aware of every cost.

  • The frequency of routine visits to the doctor also matter. As going to the doctor also involves consultation fees. Insurance companies have their own network of hospitals and specialists. A detailed knowledge of your condition can also help them to set you up with the correct doctor.

The above-mentioned following things should be checked when one has a chronic condition. Especially when one wants health insurance pre-existing conditions coverage. At the end of it all, what one needs is an insurance that aids them financially and medically.


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