Monsoon Health Hacks & Tips

Monsoon is the season of cool weather and that peculiar smell of raindrops hitting the parched Earth. Of course, rainfall during monsoon acts as our savior from the sweltering hot summer that has just passed.

However, though monsoon is associated with all things cozy and romantic, it is not the most favorable climate when it comes to our health. Our bodies are especially at risk during this season and we must take the following precautions to stay Healthy during Monsoon:

  • Follow a Healthy Diet: Monsoon is the season where the body, particularly the digestive system, is prone to infections. We must make it a point to ensure that we are eating hygienically prepared food that has been thoroughly cleaned, stored properly, and also ensure that the water we drink is filtered or boiled. It is recommended to avoid eating street food regularly in order to avoid water-borne infections.

  •  Stay Hydrated: Make it a point to drink enough water, despite your level of activity. Tea or other drinks with Herbs are suggested as they have a soothing effect on the body along with anti- bacterial properties.

  • Avoid getting wet in the rain: Resist the temptation! Getting wet in the rain or even walking in the rain makes you prone to a host of viral and fungal diseases. In case you do get wet, do not sit in an air conditioned environment and make sure to wipe and dry yourself thoroughly and avoid wearing any wet items of clothing.

  • Avoid toughing your eyes: Stye, dry eyes, conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers are common eye infections often associated with monsoons. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes, especially with dirty hands.

  • Keep that mosquito repellent handy: If you are stepping out of your house or any indoor environment, always apply a mosquito repellent on all the exposed parts of your skin. The rains often leave puddles of stagnant water that become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Keep an umbrella with you: Have an umbrella with you at all times to protect yourself in case of any sudden unexpected downpours.

Monsoon is the season of Garma-garam Pakoras, a cozy feeling and of love and family. Stay Healthy, stay safe this monsoon by following the measures above to make the most of this beautiful season.


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