Latest Innovations In The Indian Health Insurance Market

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

With the government paying more and more heed to “Digital India” and the global market, there have been a lot of changes and innovations in the health insurance sector. The good news is that these innovations are not only limited to the process in which the health insurance companies serve you but also the structure of health insurance plans itself.

Here are the latest innovations in the Indian Health Insurance Market:

More flexibility for health insurance companies and you:

With the recent relaxation of the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) rules, insurance companies can get more experimental and innovative with scheme structures and provisions. Health insurance companies are now allowed to introduce plans on a pilot basis and can now withdraw them in a comparatively hassle-free manner provided that the companies provide a valid reason to the IRDA and the existing customers are facilitated in porting their health insurance with another company. It is such experimentations that can help insurance companies to derive plans that reach your expectations to the greatest extent.

Providing not only financial security but also good health:

The health insurance premium is getting more pocket-friendly due to many additional benefits that the companies are now providing you:

  • Free health checkups every year to help you monitor your health conditions regularly.

  • Cost-friendly second opinion for certain major diseases from renowned medical experts associated with the insurance company.

  • No mandatory medical tests up to a particular age.

  • Insurance claims made possible even if you are travelling abroad.

  • No claim bonuses for every year you don’t make a claim.

  • Discounts on the renewal premium in case you showcase an improvement in your health.

  • Preventive health care

  • Promoting doctor’s consultation and easy availability of medicines of the network hospitals connected with the insurance company.

Cashless treatment and online health insurance:

Keeping in mind the convenience of the people and the health service providers, health insurance companies now provide the facility of cashless money transfer to clinics and hospitals whenever you make a claim. This way, your treatment is not delayed due to the non-availability of hard cash. With innovative and interactive applications and internet options, you can now keep a track of your policy, renew them and pay your premiums online, thus saving you time and energy.

A good health insurance company is one that incorporates the above and other health insurance innovations of the day. That is why to think about innovative health insurance, think ManipalCigna. We provide you with the best of health insurance plans with the feature of customization according to your unique needs.


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