Understanding Insurance For Pregnant Women

What conditions does an insurance policy cover for pregnant women?

Buying an insurance for pregnant women is one of the best ways to cover the expenses of maternity in India. The hike in the medical care costs has compelled couples, planning to expand their families, to search for effective solutions for financial aid and pregnancy insurance policy is one such way. However, the policy wordings, the formal term for the conditions mentioned in a maternity insurance, can be cumbersome to understand. For instance, even if you have a maternity policy, did you know that to enjoy the cashless benefit, you will have to wait for 2-6 years? There is a lot more ambiguous terms and conditions that one must get clear about maternity insurance. Do you have bought the best insurance covering pregnancy and delivery? If you aren’t sure, here are a few facts that would help you assess the efficiency of your existing maternity insurance or help in buying a new policy.

What is an insurance covering pregnancy and delivery?

Termed as Maternity Insurance, the insurance covering pregnancy and delivery is a cover for all medical expenses related to pregnancy. The cost of pregnancy and delivery is at its highest, moreover, the risk of complication during the pregnancy and childbirth are also evident, having a cover for financial expenses offers expecting couples to enjoy stress-free pregnancy. With the change in lifestyle, insurance for pregnant women has become a must, especially considering the risk factors and the exorbitant costs.

What are the features and benefits provided under the insurance for pregnant women?

The features and benefits of maternity insurance differ from one policy provider to another. However, in general, the salient features of an insurance for pregnant women include:

1- Waiting Period:

This is one of the most important features to consider while buying an insurance for pregnant women. In most of the maternity insurance, the waiting period, the time before which no claim can be filed and benefits redeemed, ranges from 2-6 years. However, in the case of a group insurance policy, the maternity cover waiting period is not more than 9 months.

2- Coverage

The coverage or inclusions offered under a maternity insurance differ from policy to policy and usually includes:

  • Hospitalization expenses with a limit

  • Pre & Post hospitalization expenses

  • Delivery expenses

  • Vaccination charges for the infant

  • Ambulance charges

  • Pre and post-natal expenses

  • Emergency cover with a limit


There are some exclusions as well, things that aren’t covered under the maternity policy. This includes:

  • Non-allopathic treatment expenses

  • Consultation Fees

  • Regular check-ups

  • Medicine costs

  • Congenital diseases

  • Termination of pregnancy (under 12 weeks)

  • Pre-existing ailments or injuries

  • AIDS treatment-related expenses

  • Dental treatment expenses

  • In-vitro fertilization and infertility-related expenses


The premium in case of maternity insurance is higher than any other insurance policies, considering the high risk and full compensation factor associated with insurance for pregnant women.

These are some of the conditions covered under the pregnancy insurance policy. You must read and understand the policy terms thoroughly before buying a maternity policy to enjoy complete benefits.


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