Here’s a health insurance guide to help you make an informed decision

Updated: May 6, 2019

Healthcare is fast becoming more and more expensive. In such a situation, it is important to have a financial backup in case a medical emergency arises out of nowhere. A health insurance policy can provide protection against expenses and ensure that you don’t have to fret or spend all your savings to pay the hospitalisation charges, procedure cost, consultation charges, etc.

Once you decide to sign up for a health insurance policy, the next step is to choose the policy that is right for you. This can be confusing and tricky, given the number of health insurance schemes available in the market today – so a health insurance guide is definitely called for. Here are some health insurance details that you can refer to while deciding:

  1. Depending on the number of members of the family and the current cost of health care, you should always check if the policy provides adequate coverage. Even if it promises to be the cheapest in the market, measure the benefits against the premium and choose the one with more benefits.

  2. For a more in-depth investigation, you may also check the Incurred Claim Ratio of the company, that is, the overall value of claims paid by the company divided by the total premium received during the period.

  3. Prefer policies that have cashless payment facility and have a direct tie-up with hospitals. This way, you can avoid paying bills out of your own pocket and there will be less paperwork.

  4. Look for add-on benefits and stand-alone policies. These can be taken separately from the hospitalisation policy, and include surgical expense benefits, critical illness benefits, etc. Make sure you study each benefit before you decide to take it. For instance, the critical illness rider covers a certain number of diseases whose treatment is very expensive. If your family history places you at risk for any such disease, take policies that cover that particular illness. Also, check the waiting period.

  5. A pre-existing disease is one which has been diagnosed at least two years before the purchase of the policy. The waiting period differs from one insurance company to another. Go for those that have a shorter waiting period.

  6. Senior citizens have policies designed especially for them by some companies, and they cover both hospitalisation charges as well as home-assistance charges for bedridden patients. If necessary, choose a policy with a longer cover period.

  7. Check the list of conditions that are excluded. This is mentioned under the exclusion clause in the brochure. Some such conditions include congenital disease, pregnancy and childbirth-related conditions, cosmetic procedures, and in some cases, non-allopathic methods of treatment. Also, HIV/AIDS-related diseases, conditions arising from alcoholism and drug abuse, and self-harm are not covered by insurers.

  8. Purchasing a policy at an early age (before 45, preferably), can exempt you from going through a medical check-up before the company approves. Otherwise, a bad health report can make the insurer turn you down.

Read all possible information about health insurance policies and the respective companies before you decide. Ending up with a policy that does not suit your needs would defeat the purpose of the insurance. Visit ManipalCigna Health Insurance company’s website to browse through their easy EMI, easy return policies to choose one that suits you best.


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