Learn how to calculate Health Insurance premium online

Check out health insurance premium of different plans before you finalise on one!

A health insurance premium is the amount of money a person pays for his insurance policy. A health insurance premium calculator is a very important tool to calculate the premium you would have to pay. It comes in handy when you are comparing the premiums of different health insurance policies.

By using a health insurance calculator you will be able to choose the plan that gels well with your needs and budget. You can also include or exclude riders that suit you. The best way to do this is to go online and take the help of a very useful tool called health insurance calculator to help you choose the best plan.

We tell you more about health insurance calculators— why you should use it and what are the factors which are responsible for the premium to go up or cost less.

There are various sites where you can calculate your medical insurance premium rates. All you need to do is share some basic details like your name and DOB, the number of family members, adults, and children you wish to cover, along with the age of the eldest member of the family. Some calculators will also ask for the city you reside in. A lot of health insurance schemes will be populated based on your inputs and you can choose which you think is best for you.

There are many websites which help you calculate your insurance premium like,, Most of the health insurance portals have provisions of calculating your premium.

There are several factors that determine the medical insurance premium. If your age is 26, you will have to pay less premium as compared to a person who is 46, for the same coverage. The reason for this is that you are more prone to falling sick as you get older.

If you are a smoker, your premium will go up compared to a non-smoker. If you buy a family floater plan then your premium will depend on the age of the oldest member of the family. If the oldest member is 55 years of age you will have to pay a higher premium compared to a family whose senior most member is 35 years of age.

Going through a medical check-up is mandatory for most health insurance companies before you fill your health insurance forms. It is also not a great idea to hide your pre-existing diseases fearing that your premium may go up because you run the risk of not getting your claim even after paying all your premiums. So, it is very important to disclose honestly all your pre-existing conditions to prevent any complications during claim settlement.

It is a good idea to calculate and compare health insurance premium of different health plans and different insurance companies before you decide which one is ideal for you.


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