Updated: Apr 24, 2019

What is the one-stop solution for boosting your focus, concentration, losing weight, feeling happier and to slow your ageing process? The answer is to exercise or workout! But which option should you choose – a gym workout or home workouts? Let’s find out by analyzing each of their pros and cons.

Here’s the ultimate comparison of gym vs home workout:

The cost: When it comes to gym vs home workout, home workouts are cheaper as you are free from the hefty gym membership fee. Although, you may need to invest some money initially to purchase the workout equipment in the longer run exercising at home falls less expensive. You also save on the daily fuel or transport money to and from the gym as well. If your house doesn’t have the ample space to store the workout apparatuses, then it’s better to head for than gym than cramping your home or opt for non-equipment workouts at home.

The focus: It’s very easy to get distracted at home as there is nobody to watch over you. If you are the type of person who needs constant motivation and lacks self-discipline, then gym workout is ideal for you. The mere act of paying a heavy gym fee itself acts as a motivator. Plus, when the milieu and the people around you are all about exercise and fitness, you too get influenced, unknowingly.

The expertise: The choice between gym vs home workout also depends on the purpose of your exercise regime. For instance, bodybuilding, pregnancy exercises, yoga, etc. need the guidance of an expert especially in the initial stages to get the postures and the diet right. Otherwise, it can lead to adverse body damage as well.

The Hygiene: A gym workout is synonymous with a closed, cooped-up, artificial atmosphere and exercise equipment covered with sweat and germs. In the matters of hygiene, workout at home is much cleaner and healthy as compared to the gym.

The convenience: Home workouts bring with them the convenience of fixing or changing your exercise schedule as for and when you want; exercising in whatever clothes you feel like; and exercising without feeling awkward about how you look, smell or sound while working out. Apart from privacy, working out at home can allow you to multitask as well. With DTH services and the internet loaded with self-learn tutorials, you can grasp the basic exercises at home without the hassles of the gym.

If you are new to serious fitness, you can always opt the gym sessions in the beginning until you have learnt the basics and later continue the workouts at home. What exercise is to your physical wellness, a health insurance is to your financial health. Choose a health insurance company that not only takes care of your finances but all your health. With ManipalCigna, you get the best of both – wealth as well as health.


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