Is A Free Health Insurance Plan Ever Adequate?

A health insurance plan is the support system one needs in times of medical crisis. It is also a smart way of obviating extreme situations like a financial crunch. An individual’s access to quality healthcare service is increasing in demand. The sheer abandon characterizing urban lifestyle have made health insurance plans an utmost requirement.

The array of services under the best health insurance plan makes the entire treatment smooth and hassle-free. However, when it comes down to buying one, people are immediately concerned about their budget. Thus, there are free health insurance plans too, that can give you coverage at minimum costs. They are known as Universal Health Insurance.

However, one cannot avail special treatments for terminal diseases under this.

Free health insurances do not mean that it is devoid any kind of payment. Individuals do pay for it but in the form of taxes. Universal health insurance is like a free health insurance plan that gives wide medical coverage. The crucial question that arises, however, is- whether they give an adequate amount of medical support.


• The greatest advantage of universal healthcare is that it can be accessed by everyone. People can claim to be treated under this plan irrespective of their monetary condition. Individuals who cannot afford the best health insurance plan will be given universal coverage.

• The universal health insurance is a government initiative towards which the entire population contributes. Thus, basic medical amenities can be availed by all citizens under this plan. It was chiefly devised with the motive of making quality healthcare accessible.

• An expensive health insurance plan involves higher paperwork. With universal health coverage, medical professionals and physicians can finally concentrate on the patient’s treatment. Often a lot of energy goes into authenticating documents when a patient claims insurance.

• Sheer medical expenses in today’s time often become a matter of grave concern for families. Through this free plan, one can opt for medical coverage without drowning in loans. This plan is good enough to sustain you through basic medical needs.


• Often it involves an indefinite waiting period. Especially if one has a condition that does not require immediate medical attention. Private hospitals come within the network of best health insurance plans. Whereas universal healthcare systems are run by the government so the efficiency is not always top-notch.

• Cosmetic surgeries will not be covered under this plan. This plan prioritizes basic illnesses and treatment or medication is given for the same.

• One does not have the luxury of choice when it comes to doctors and surgeons. The private insurances offer the option of choosing specialists according to the patient’s needs. Such is not the case in this plan.

The decision of opting for a low-cost plan is entirely up to the needs of an individual. Depending on their lifestyle and income range, one can decide if such a plan is sufficient. Or can they upgrade to a better option for their overall physical well-being? The bottom line being, healthcare is something that should not be compromised with. So, opt for a health insurance plan that keeps all your health struggles at bay.


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