Must Have Features of Maternity Health Insurance

Giving birth to a healthy child is what every parent aims for. There are a lot of responsibilities that an expecting mother is expected to shoulder and one of them is taking care of herself and the baby in making. Maternity health insurance is an aid that helps expecting parents to enjoy financial freedom from the hefty maternity and delivery expense.

The rising cost of the health care and inclusion if advance programs such as umbilical cord preservation, painless delivery vaccination and more have altogether made delivering a child pretty expensive, at such a time, availing the maternity health insurance is the wisest of the choices.

Maternity Health Insurance plans in India enable expecting parents to enjoy the most memorable time of their life without worrying about financial affairs.

If you are a couple planning to expand your family and considering buying a maternity health insurance, there are a few important features that your Maternity Health Insurance plan must cover.

Understanding Maternity health insurance coverage:

Maternity health insurance is a policy plan that offers financial support to expecting parents. It is a way to keep financial worries at bay while enjoying the pregnancy. Maternity health insurance coverage is a wide aspect which includes all the expenses incurred during the pregnancy that are covered by the maternity insurance policy provider. The expenses covered under typical Maternity Health Insurance plans in India include:

• Hospitalization expenses:

Any hospitalization expenses incurred during pregnancy including hospital room charges, nursing, anaesthetist/medical practitioner/surgeon charges, ambulance charges, etc. are paid off by the maternity health insurance provider. However, to avail this benefit, the minimum hospitalization duration should be 24 hours.

• Pre and post hospitalization expenses:

Any medical expenses like investigation tests, medicines, consultation fees, etc. incurred before 30 days of the hospitalization are covered under most of the plans. Similarly, post-hospitalization charges are also born by the insurance policy provider.

• Pre-& Post-natal expenses:

The cost associated with ultrasound, medicines, doctor's consultation fee, regular checkups, etc. is covered under these expenses, whether pre or post pregnancy.

• Ambulance expenses:

The charges of the ambulance to ferry the expecting mother to and from the hospital are also covered under the best Maternity Health Insurance plans in India.

• Newborn baby cover:

All the expenses related to the health care needs of the newborn from day 1 to 90 are covered under the maternity health insurance plan. However, different maternity policies have various limits specified for such expenses in their terms and conditions.

Waiting period:

There is a waiting period clause associated with all maternity insurances. Usually, the maternity benefits can be availed after a waiting period of 2 to 4 years of coverage.


There’s a cap on the coverage amount available for maternity-related expenses that differ from one maternity insurance provider to another.


Depending upon the type of plan you avail or the amount of coverage you expect, the premium for maternity plans may differ from one to another.


There are certain exclusions, unique to every policy such as maximum entry age, type of expenses, expenses incurred during pregnancy termination and more.

These are a few features of maternity health insurance in India that one should know before availing one of the maternity plans.


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