FAQs on Visitor Health Insurance Plans

Travelling abroad requires a person to take care of many things like visa, passport, and also their health. Often, people overlook their health requirements during a trip thinking that they would only be at a location for a while. But illness or health problems can happen anywhere and at any time. Hence, people need to stay prepared for the worst possible circumstances when it comes to health and cheap health insurance plans will just not do the trick.

This where visitor health insurance plans come in. This type of insurance plans is usually short-term and offer protection against any kind of accidental injury or illness while travelling to another country. There are several questions that people have regarding this insurance type. Below are some of the frequently asked questions by customers that you would also like to know before going ahead and buying it.

1. How is Visitor Health Insurance different from travel insurance?

Visitor health plans are somewhat similar to travel insurance in regards to benefits. However, the former specially caters to the medical requirements of the insurer while visiting another country along with other travel insurance costs. Travel insurance only covers travel costs like loss of baggage, delayed flights, theft, and even delayed flights.

2. When should it be purchased?

You should only purchase a visitor health plan after having ascertained your travel plans completely and making sure that all your travel documents are in place. It is best to begin the visitor insurance plan from the date of departure so that you can be covered right from the beginning of your travel.

3. How to purchase this insurance?

You can purchase this insurance either online or conventionally by visiting an insurer. Purchasing this insurance online is simple but it is always better to ensure it provides cover for international medical emergency costs. Also, keep in mind to check the list of network hospitals where the insurance can be applied.

4. What is the minimum duration of coverage?

The minimum duration of coverage for visitor health insurance varies from one insurance company to another. Talk to different insurance companies till you find one that suits your need and duration of stay in another country.

5. What does visitor health insurance cover?

Visitor health insurance cover most of your medical requirements like the following-

- Emergency medical care

- Costs of medicines

- visitor health cover cost

- Hospitalization expenses

- Surgery

- Dental Costs

- Accident medical care

- Emergency Evacuation

- Cost of returning home in case of illness, death, or accidents

- Assistance in legal matters.

- Loss of baggage

- Theft

- Flight cancellation and delays

Being in a new country can be an overwhelming experience and any mishap or illness during this period can be quite a setback. Also, the costs of medical treatment are much costlier abroad, which makes it highly important to stay covered. So, if you have not, it’s time that you start looking for the best health insurance for visitors rather than just choosing cheap health insurance plans that give very less coverage.


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