Updated: May 7, 2019

With the population only increasing, newer diseases emerging every day and a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t permit us to focus on our health properly, Digital health seems to be the only solution. Digital health is all about integrating medical services with information and communication technologies (ICTs) and Machine Learning (ML) for making medical care even more responsive, rapid and accessible. Here are the digital health trends to you need to watch out for in 2018.

  • Online medicines and consultations:

Websites that deliver vital and daily need medicines at your doorstep are already on the rise. As an extension of this digital health technology, very soon you can also consult your doctor right from the convenience of your home with the help ‘video visits’. All you need is an internet connection and a device/application that facilitates video-chat and you are sorted. Apart from saving your time spent in the traffic and waiting in the queue at the clinic, the concept of video visits will help make the expertise of renowned doctors reach the remotest of areas in the country. A video visit proves to come in handy especially for follow-ups and certain emergency scenarios when the patient needs immediate advice.

  • Digital innovations in healthcare and self-management:

Fitness gears or wearable gadgets are getting smarter by the day. They not only help you keep a track of your vitals (blood pressure, sugar levels, calories burnt, footstep count, etc.) but, now they also suggest diet and exercise options as per your need. Another digital health trend to promote self-management is chatbots, which are soon catching up. Chatbots are nothing but interactive chatting robots that do the following:

· Verbally remind you to take your medicines when its time

· Book appointments for doctor consultations

· Try to diagnose the ailment or disease (to a certain extent only) based on the symptoms and the answers you give to its preset questions

· Suggest actions in case you have missed your medications

  • Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

India is said to have a dearth of doctors and skilled surgeons. In such a scenario AI assisted surgeries are becoming more advanced and popular which can save the time and energy of the prevalent doctors who can then concentrate on those cases that are complicated and can’t be taken care of by digital health technology. AI-assisted surgeries to aim at making the operations more precise, minimally invasive and quick.

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