Cancer Myths & Facts : Know All Of Them Here

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Today, cancer is one of the most feared diseases as it can be fatal. Cancer is the uncontrollable multiplication of abnormal cells that harm the surrounding tissues. While researches are still going on to understand the disease completely, it is necessary to debunk certain cancer myths so that you can safeguard yourself to a large extent.

Myth#1: Cancer is contagious Since the disease can be life-threatening, people often fear that they can contract it by communicating with a cancer patient.  The fact is that cancer is non-communicable. This is so even in the case of cervical cancer. Even though cervical cancer is caused by a virus called HPV or Human Papillomavirus, only the virus can be transmitted through sexual contact but not cancer cells themselves. Also, having HPV doesn’t mean it will lead to cervical cancer in all cases.

Myth#2: Sugar can worsen cancer Myth has it that if a cancer patient doesn’t eat sugar (glucose) at all, the disease shall not spread rapidly and eventually fades away. This misconception is caused by the notion that since cells need glucose for their growth and cancer cells might grow even faster if they are fueled by sugar. The fact is that cancer cells grow rapidly irrespective of the amount of sugar or glucose in the body.

Myth#3: No family history; no cancer Often people assume that cancer can happen only if it hereditary. Due to this, they don’t realize the importance of getting precautionary health tests done regularly which leads to detection of cancers only in their advanced stage. The fact is that having a family history of cancer is one of the risk factors and not the only risk factor. Prolonged unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, etc. can also lead to cancer despite no family history.

Myth#4: Super-foods can prevent cancer Indulging in the so-called super-foods (blueberries, green tea, walnuts, etc.) while continuing eating junk food, smoking, not exercising, etc. does not warrant that one will not get cancer at all. These foods can be a part of your balanced diet that can help reduce the risk only to a fractional extent.

Myth#5: Only women have to fear breast cancer It’s a popular misconception that men cannot have breast cancer. This often results in cancer going unnoticed until it has reached the last stage. The fact is that men too have breast tissues and mammary glands although not as developed as women’s. That is why male breast cancer is rare but not a myth. Even men should not ignore symptoms like a lump or redness in the breast area, discharge from the nipple, etc.

A healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise are crucial in staying protected from cancer to a substantial extent. Since it’s an unpredictable disease it is better to be insured to ensure a hassle-free treatment if need be. Get your health insured today with ManipalCigna.


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