Benefits of Good 8 hrs Sleep

A good night’s sleep is not just important for energizing your mood and removing your eye bags, but also for maintaining and balancing your physical and emotional well-being. A good sleep is an inclusive part of a healthy lifestyle. It can influence your heart, weight, mind and more. So, the next time when you force your eyes to stay open instead of taking the needed rest, remember you are doing more harm than good.

Let’s look into the top 8 health benefits of a good night’s sleep and understand its functioning better.

  • Better sleep reduced stress Over a period of time when your body stops getting enough sleep, it reacts by producing stress hormones. Deep and regular sleep can help in regulating the hormones and reduce the stress levels.

  • Poor sleep equals weight gain Short sleep duration is one of the most prominent risk factors leading to obesity. The effect of sleep influences the hormones and also decreases the motivation to exercise. Do you wish to control your weight? Correct your sleep cycle!

  • Improved memory Your mind works even when you sleep. You tend to strengthen your memories when your mind is at ease. This is the reason when you are learning something new you would always perform better after a good sleep.

  • Regulate your blood pressure High blood pressure increases the chances of heart attacks and strokes. But, when you give your body the rest and time it deserves, it starts auto tuning by encouraging relaxation thereby, regulating the BP.

  • Better mood Well, we cannot guarantee that a peaceful night sleep would put you in the best mood. But, you must have noticed that when you are exhausted, you are more likely to get cranky. So, before you have the regretful outburst it is better to take the mood uplifting nap.

  • Improve performance and metabolism 6 to 7 hours of sleep has been shown to significantly improve metabolism, thereby increasing speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental wellbeing.

  • Improves immune function If you are someone who tends to catch a cough and cold during the changing weather, it is time you looked into your sleep patterns. Increasing your sleep hours can boost your immune system and fight the common cold.

  • Decreases inflammation Sleep can majorly impact inflammation in your body. Sleep loss has been known to activate undesirable markers of inflammation and cell damage. Irregular sleeping patterns have also been shown to have a strong link to the inflammatory bowel diseases. Better sleepy than sorry.

Hope you don’t feel guilty the next time you press snooze.  Because this time – You snooze, you win!


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