Being Healthy?- Importance of Exercise

Indians are positive about their overall health, and well-being is primarily perceived as Physical. The four other dimensions of well-being include family, social, financial and workplace health. While the emphasis on physical health & well-being is followed by family, the importance of financial, social and work well-being are yet to be cultivated among Indians.


Indians feel that they get sufficient and quality sleep. And, study shows that baring 2% of the population, all get 7 hours of sleep per day. Work-related stress, family issues and spending an unreasonable time digitally keep the rest awake. However, just getting enough rest is not sufficient to stay healthy. Exercising is also important, which most seem to neglect.

Fitness Mantra

About 37% of Indians are either over-weight or obese. Women are more at risk of developing these conditions than men. Over 80% of those who are overweight/ obese want to lose weight. Overweight and obesity can tick off diabetes and heart diseases, the top two health concerns in India. Thus, with almost 4 in 10 people being overweight/ obese, there is an immediate need to educate Indians on healthy living.

5% of Indians do not exercise. And those who do, spend only about 2.6 hours per week. Walking, jogging and practicing yoga are the top three physical activities that Indians regularly indulge in.

Tech-aided Fitness

73% of Indians are familiar with fitness monitoring tools with 1 in 4 (26%) using such tools regularly. The most popular use of fitness tools include medical guidance and connecting with medical professionals online. 45% of Indians would consider using online platforms for medical guidance. On these online platforms, they are looking for diet suggestions, recipes, exercise records and fitness/ coaching programs.

Happy Tummy

85% of Indians claim to have a healthy diet. They consume low levels of alcohol, and have a wide range of fresh food on a daily basis. And, study reveals that the top five items in their fridge include fruits and vegetables, dairy products, juices, dessert and pre-prepared food items.

The research findings are based out of an online survey we conducted with 3,021 respondents in India to understand their health and well-being. The Cigna 360 Well-being score looks at health and well-being holistically with 5 dimensions: physical, social, family, financial, work.


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