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Things You Should Know About Mediclaim Policy For Family

Choosing between an individual and a family floater plan can be cumbersome. The first-time buyers can face problems in finding the pro and cons of both the coverage. In fact, many times, the buyer doesn’t even know what a family floater plan is. Mediclaim policy for family, by all means, is a more beneficial plan when you are looking for a medical cover for your entire family. In order to buy the best Family Mediclaim policy, one must know the difference between individual and family floater plan at the first place.

Difference between individual and family floater plan:

An individual health plan, just like the name suggests, offers coverage to a specific individual, who has bought the plan under his/her name. However, under a Mediclaim policy for a family, a single sum insured provide coverage to all the members of the family, including self, spouse and two children. There are some advanced family floater health plans that also provide cover for dependent parents as well as parents- in- law.

Benefits of buying a Family Mediclaim policy:

There are a number of reasons, Mediclaim policy for a family is better than individual medical insurance, including:

• Single sum insured floats amid all family members:

The sum insured, under a family floater health insurance, can be used for the treatment of health care benefits for all the members of the family. There are very rare chances that all the members would require the benefit at the same time and thus it can be fully utilized in covering the medical expenses of someone falling ill.

• It is cost-effective:

You can save money when you choose a Mediclaim policy for the family over individual cover. Buying individual health coverage for every family member requires an investment of a large sum, whereas, under the Family Mediclaim policy, you can enjoy the same benefits on paying a single sum insured, which is also a reasonable amount of money.

• It is less stressful:

You do not have to take care of the premiums and renewal of several policies when you choose for a Family Mediclaim policy. Because you have to take care of a single policy, the renewal, premium deposit and other paperwork will be quick, easier and time-saving.

Important features of Mediclaim policy for the family:

• Coverage:

This is the number of expenses a policy will cover in case of hospitalization of one or many members of the family. Take into account the family history and the cost of medical care while choosing the cover.

• Premium:

You must always make sure that you choose a premium that is well affordable for you. Consider your annual income, savings and other aspects to choose the best premium amount.

• Waiting Period:

There is a waiting period associated with all Mediclaim policy for the family. However, you can choose a policy that has a lower waiting period than other.

• Co-payment clause:

There are a few Family Mediclaim policies that offer co-payment clause, wherein a certain amount is paid by the policyholder while the insurer takes care of the rest.

Now that you know everything about Family Mediclaim policy, buy the best Mediclaim policy for family and provide them with a health cover.