All You Need To Know About International Student Health Insurance Plans

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Is your child aspiring to study abroad or is already doing so? Then, spare a few minutes and continue reading this article, because good grades, student loan, visa and flight ticket are not all that your child requires to study abroad. He or she also needs to consider an international student health insurance plan. What is it? Why is it necessary? Let’s find out.

Here’s all you need to know about international student health insurance plans:

International student health coverage:

As a general rule, a good student travel insurance should not only take care of the routine travel insurance related expenses but also of the unforeseen medical expenses that the student may have to endure in the foreign land. Such an international student insurance plan is applicable for the 2 years of the study period with the sum assured anywhere between $50,000 to $5,00,000. The health aspects covered by such insurance plans include:

  • Hospitalization charges

  • Medicines

  • Coverage in case of disability

  • Dental Costs

  • the cost of bringing the deportee’s body back to India in case of death

  • Medical expenses due to the accident.

Health insurance for a visa:

Most students apply for an F1 visa when they choose to study especially in the US. Since it’s a non-immigrant visa, the students are not entitled to any US government health insurance schemes and the medical insurance provided by the private firms there or their school/ college are extremely unaffordable and expensive. Moreover, the health insurance policies in the US are now pretty stringent and restrictive for foreign students. That is why it is better, convenient and way cheaper to enroll in an international student health insurance plan from India itself.

International student health insurance and age limit:

Most international student health coverage is made available from the ages of 16 to 40 years. A few insurance companies also offer the plans for students till the age of 75 years as well.

Health factors excluded in a student travel insurance:

The following medical expenses may not be covered by the insurance plan, depending on the company you purchase from:

  • Sports injuries as a result of inter-college matches

  • Medical expenses in connection with drug abuse

  • Maternity expenses

  • Mental disorders arising out of stress

Though, a few health factors can be covered after paying an additional premium for the same.

Now that you realize the importance of a possessing an international student health insurance plan, all you need to do is to purchase one. To know more and the fine details only consult a renowned health insurance company like ManipalCigna. Get in touch with us right now:


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