6 tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy is not a destination. It’s a constant choice and effort to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Unlike common misconception maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not hard at all. All it needs is little habits that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

Here are 6 simple healthy lifestyle tips to help you achieve you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Stay hydrated: We constantly lose water from our body in the form of urine and sweat. This makes drinking water at regular intervals extremely essential. Water not only prevents dehydration but also performs several other important functions such as carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, flushing bacteria out of our body, preventing constipation and maintaining sodium or electrolyte balance. Nutritionists across the world recommend at least 2 and a half litres of water consumption daily.

2. Avoid skipping your meals: Out of the three major meals of the day, if we skip even one meal, we start feeling lethargic. Our brain needs fuel to run and skipping meals can lead to a shortage of glucose in the body. It also slows down our metabolism severely, leads to weight gain or makes it very hard to lose weight.

3. Don't consume processed and fatty food: Here's the thumb rule you need to follow when it comes to food: The fresher the food, the better it is. Processed foods and foods with high-fat content, always come with the risk of lifestyle diseases. The more you consume these foods, the more your brain craves for them. So, it's best to avoid them altogether.

4. Consume more lean meats and whole grains: If you want to say yes to a healthy life, then all you need to do is say yes to fresh, green a clean food! Remember that junk and processed foods are the greatest cause of toxin accumulation is your body. Once you start opting for green veggies, high fibre foods and say no to deep fried, processed foods and excess sugar/salt, you’ll feel the difference yourself.

5. Exercise to the rescue: The correlation between exercising and detoxification is this: The sweating. Sweating is your body’s way of removing toxins. You don’t have to join a fancy gym or the likes of it. Half an hour of regular exercising at home works just as well!

6. Load up on good fats: This is a healthy lifestyle tip you absolutely can’t miss out on! Unlike what people say, not all fats are bad. While saturated trans-fat are the villains, unsaturated fats are actually good for your health. Avocados and walnuts are great sources of unsaturated fats along with oils like olive oil and mustard oil.

It’s time to achieve your health goals! Follow these daily wellness tips and watch your life transform into a healthy one!


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