Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Is technology improving health? When we hear the words ‘tech and health’, we often feel that the effect of technology on health is only that of a negative type. But there are many ways in which tech and health can go hand in hand.

Here are 10 ways to improve your health using technology:

1. To motivate you to exercise and to keep a tab on your progress throughout the day, a pedometer is the best device. It measures calories burnt, distance travelled and numbers of steps covered when you run, jog, walk, climb stairs, dance, stroll in the mall, etc.

2. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices and alarms are your perfect partner to warn you when you experience low blood sugar while asleep. Some smart hypoglycemia detecting apps also immediately send an alert message to your family or doctor in case of an emergency, especially when you are alone.

3. Soups are a yummy way to add the goodness of vegetables in your diet but making them daily can be tedious. Using a soup maker machine will save your time and energy, tremendously.

4. To keep a detailed track of your fitness progress daily, replace your regular weighing machine with a smart weighing scale that displays your body fat, water content, BMI, muscle and bone mass, etc.

5. If you have fussy kids, then a smart thermometer can come to your rescue that measures the temperature in seconds and that distracts them through games while the measuring takes place. It can be connected to your smartphone to display the medical history of your family and also suggest immediate remedial measures based on the symptoms.

6. During an emergency, with the help of the internet, you can surf reputed websites and videos to discover nick of time first-aid and life-saving measures, within seconds.

7. If you are travelling, are in a remote area or can’t physically make it to your doctor but need to consult him/ her as soon as possible, telemedicine devices can come in handy that facilitate video consultations wherever and whenever required.

8. Electronic databases can be used by doctors and patients in order to maintain medical records, history, test results, etc. in a chronological, accurate and systematic manner. This enables doctors to derive precise diagnosis and treatments, swiftly and efficiently.

9. With the help of social media, awareness can be spread about lesser-known illnesses like mental issues (depression, ADHD, etc.) so that taboo associated with them can be debunked and patients can seek treatment without fear and shame.

10. To take care of sore muscles, stiffness and muscle pain, rechargeable foam rollers are an effective option if elaborate massages are not feasible.

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