Check out these Top 10 Health Benefits of Travelling

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

If all you’ve ever wanted to do is to pick up a backpack and hop onto a train to anywhere, well, you’re making the right choice. Not only does travelling help you tick things off your bucket list, but also has several health benefits. Read on to find out ten health benefits of travelling:

1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

It has been shown that those who travel frequently are less likely to get a heart attack than those who travel only once in a few years.

2. Helps you unwind

Travel drastically decreases stress levels. It has been found to be effective in treating depression. Corporate houses often encourage employees to go on a vacation as it acts as a stress buster and they return rejuvenated and work much better.

3. Improves your mood

If you’ve been feeling low for a long time, chances are it may affect your mental health. Going on a trip helps uplift your mood and gives you happy memories to cherish for a long time even after your trip.

4. Helps you age better

Travel increases resilience and boosts brain health, which enables the body to handle the process of aging without buckling under the stress.

5. Enhances creativity

New experiences afforded by travel work on the brain to increase its cognitive flexibility make thought processes deeper and more integrated. If the traveller is deliberate enough about involvement and engaging, foreign travel may improve creativity.

6. Provides relief from anxiety

Not only does travel ensure peace of mind by disconnecting from the hassles of normal routine, but also helps you embrace uncertainty, which is a major step in overcoming anxiety. It gives you the confidence that you can cope with unforeseen situations.

7. Keeps you fit

Travel provides you with opportunities to exercise your body – on a hike, a sightseeing walk, a trek, or adventure sports. If you consciously plan your trip so that it involves physical activity every day, it will keep you fit and in shape.

8. Helps you sleep better

If your daily stress keeps you from having a good night’s sleep, vacation is a great time to relax and catch up on the lost sleep. It’s more likely that you will sleep better if you’re physically tired out and happy.

9. Keeps you active and improves circulation

Travel drives laziness away and keeps you on your feet. It improves blood circulation since you’ll be constantly moving, unlike when you’re glued to your screen or your couch.

10. Boosts immunity

Exposure to different kinds of environments pushes your body to create antibodies that protect your body from pathogens and make it stronger. While this doesn’t mean that you should be reckless and neglect hygiene, it has been proven that exposure to dirt and minor illnesses make your body stronger.

Thus, the importance of travelling lies not just in the field of education and experience, but also claims the health department! So pick up that backpack now, and head out to make the best use of all the benefits that travelling has to offer. Don’t forget to have a health insurance policy ready at hand to deal with health crises that may land you in financial trouble. ManipalCigna ensures that your finances are covered while you focus on health and recovery. Visit their website now, and choose a plan that suits you best.


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