10 Diet & Fitness tips

Who doesn’t wish to get fitter, but with so much faulty and broken information available over the internet, it can be difficult to find diet and fitness tips that do not just help you reduce weight but actually make you healthy. Making your on-the-go lives healthier and easier, we have compiled a list of 10 diet and fitness tips that will help you reach your #FitnessGoals faster.

Hearty Breakfast Tired of hearing how breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, allow us to tell you that this tiring piece of advice is actually a 100% true. As per a study at the Imperial College of London, participants who skipped breakfast were more tempted to reach for unhealthy, high- calorie foods later in the day.

H2O Irrespective of the type of exercise you indulge in every day, staying hydrated with H2O is one of the best ways to keep yourself energized. Try and resist the temptation to try electrolyte-loaded athletic drinks as they can be a source of additional calories.

Regulate your portions Before you burden your plate with rice, make sure to fill half of it with veggies or a mixture of veggies and fresh fruit. This will help you keep a check on the calorie intake.

Go Nuts Planning to go to a grocery store? Make sure to stock up on nuts. In-shell nuts, whether it is almonds, Brazil Nuts, filberts, pecans, or walnuts, each have their own protein and fiber value. Nuts are a great way to keep you satiated and not crave for junk snacking.

Funk up Your Food Don’t make the diet boring by just sticking with plain fruits and veggies. Add plenty of spices, fresh herbs, and lemons to your cooking. It is amazing what a little spice and pinch of lemon zest can do to your dish.

Don’t Stress About a Cheat Day Don’t beat yourself up if you had an ice cream sundae or a double cheese burst pizza on the weekend, one or two off days wouldn’t necessarily result in any significant weight gain. What is important is what you do the next day and the day after. So, keep moving forward. The point is to stay happy and enjoy the fitness ride.

Be BFF With Your Fitness Buddy A workout buddy is one of the best ways to keep you motivated to get some exercise regularly. A reliable workout buddy doesn’t just help in pushing the limits but also enjoying the everyday workout.

Workout Mornings A 45-minute sweaty workout session in the morning can help spike your metabolism which can further help your body to continue burning an additional 190 calories throughout the day.

Fiber Up Along with protein and the good fat, it is also important to up the fiber intake. Fiber is one of those nutritional elements which keeps you energetic while improving the digestion. In fact, a study conducted by American Heart Association also noted that participants who consumed 30 grams of fiber a day ended up losing weight and improving their heart health.

Yes! Enjoy the Carbs

If you are trying to stay slim and trim, don’t take drastic measures like cutting out carbs completely. You need to remember that good and complex carbs help you stay full for longer. Regardless of all the routines, don’t forget to enjoy your fitness journey.

Remember, you crossed a big hurdle by choosing to start a healthy and active lifestyle.


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